Spooked anyone lately?


Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned spook, right? Ok, so this isn’t one of those. This kind of spooking involves leaving yummy treats on doorsteps, ringing doorbells, and then running like hell so they don’t catch you doing it.

To be honest, I can’t remember exactly what the circumstances were that started this tradition in my immediate family growing up. I’m pretty sure that we got the idea from my Aunt Steph but I have no idea where she got it from. I probably should have asked her before posting this… hmmm. Anyway, however it started, it was something I very much enjoyed doing with my family around Halloween because it was something the whole family could be a part of. I loved making the goodies, loved giving them away, and what kid doesn’t love ding-dong-door-ditching?

Here’s how it works for those that would like to start Spooking their neighbors this month. It all starts with the Ghost.


It’s a poem that you copy/print and leave with some goodies on two or more neighbors doorsteps to “Spook” them. It gives them instructions to post the Ghost in the front window or on the front door so that everyone knows that they have been spooked already… and then to make some goodies and do the same for another couple of neighbors and so on. The idea is to keep passing it on until hopefully the whole neighborhood has been Spooked!

Dan and I Spooked a few of our neighbors last night. I made some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, wrapped them up, and I did the ding-dong-door-ditching while Dan drove the getaway car. We basically drove around and picked four houses totally at random. It was so fun!

spookpic1 spookpic2 spookpic3

Remember the funnest (ok maybe just one of the funnest) things about this kind of activity is the anonymity. Just let them keep wondering who it was that went out of their way to make them feel loved. 🙂 If you are the first family to start it in your neighborhood, do NOT put a ghost in your window. Wait and see how long it takes for someone to come back and Spook you!

Here is the Ghost PDF again for download. Happy Spooking!!!