DIY Halloween Cards

I love to make my own cards! Doesn’t mean that I always get to it… but I do make more of an effort on Halloween and Christmas.

The cheapest way I have found to collect card making supplies, is to wait until the ‘after’ holiday sale and stock up for the next year. Michael’s is where I have found the best stuff at the best prices. In fact, Michaels often has plain white packages of cards (8pc.) for 1-2$. I have found them before at Walmart too but not as often.


I literally have a whole photo storage box full of them. Michael’s doesn’t always have them in stock so when I see them I grab a few more. They come in different styles and shapes and make it so easy to get all creative. I have also gone the route of purchasing books of double sided cardstock. They make super cute cards. But then you have to buy the envelopes too.

cards4 cards3

Again… it’s all about the after holiday sales. I have collected paper, stickers, cutouts and all kinds of stuff. I have so much stuff now that I haven’t bothered purchasing anything for the last two years because I have enough supplies to make cards for the next 20. 🙂

This happens to be a fraction of the whole loot, but you get the idea.


And here’s how some of them turned out this year!



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