The Woman in Black

Never Forgive…. Never Forgive…. Never Forgive….

Woman in Black

This is one unhappy ghost story. Daniel Radcliffe plays a lawyer come to help settle an estate for a woman who recently passed away. He gets caught up in town superstition and runs into a rather unfriendly ghost along the way.

I read the book a couple of years ago and while it doesn’t stick to the story completely, I thought it was well done. Not my favorite scary movie… not sure why. But I do love Daniel Radcliffe and I thought he did a great job.

Woman in Black 2

Fun Fact: The boy that plays his son in the movie is Daniel Radcliffe’s actual godson. He made the casting choice in an effort to make a better connection with the father-son role he had to play in the movie. Also, the creepy toys they used in the movie were real antiques from that time period on loan from a collector. Seriously? Kids played with those things???


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