The Changeling (1980)


Crap, this movie was creepy! There is just something about children as ghosts that makes my skin crawl. This was a new addition to the list, thank you for the recommendation Patricia Larkin! I am definitely going to remember this one. Next time though, I think I will watch it sometime other than bedtime. Dan rolled over and went right to sleep, leaving me in the dark to ponder on angry little ghosties. Eek!


Seriously, this was a great film though. The story line was interesting, the acting was great, and the build up was perfect… just enough creepy to keep you on edge without going overboard. Very well done.

Fun fact: The Changeling is supposedly based on the experiences of a writer by the name of Russell Hunter. Events took place in Colorado though, not Seattle. I found an interesting article on Russell Hunter here, and another on his experience with the haunted house : A Denver House That Inspired A Horror Film. Enjoy!


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