The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

I have a lot of favorites when it comes to Halloween. Surprise! But there are 3 Halloween movies that I watch on my three favorite days of October every year. For my first favorite day, The First Day of Halloween, I celebrate with a movie that has been a favorite since I was little.


The Ghost and Mr. Chicken! (1966)

Every time I watch this movie, I picture myself sitting with my family and especially with my brother Nate. He has this extremely contagious laugh (which happens to make him the funnest person to watch funny movies with because you end up laughing ten times harder) that I hear every time I see Don Knotts’ eyes bulge.

Ghost and Mr Chicken 2

I LOVE it. Plenty of silly, just enough spook, and lots of charm. For me this is the comfort food of Halloween movies. Man, just thinking about it makes me miss my bro!

Fun side note: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is actually a redone/extended version of an episode on the Andy Griffith Show called “The Haunted House”


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